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Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

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Our bamboo hair brush is a zero waste alternative to hair brushes made with synthetic materials. It has a natural and luxurious feel, and functions exactly like conventional hair brushes. Brush pins are pure bamboo. Cushion base is natural rubber.Bamboo handle with bamboo bristles stimulate scalp and blood flow.


The bamboo brushes have soft bamboo wood bristles that help to stimulate blood flow and massage your scalp while improving sebum production in the hair and making it softer and shinier. It also reduces the frizziness of hair and improve scalp health and gives shinier hair.


Made of 100% sustainable bamboo and natural rubber

How To Use

Begin brushing a few inches from the hair ends, and gently detangle knots first.


Remove excess hair.
Make a cleaning solution with soapy water. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil.
Dip an old toothbrush in the solution and start cleaning the bristles from the base of the head to the top of the brush. Dont scrub too hard.
Rinse off gently.
Place your hairbrush, bristle side down, onto a dry towel or cloth and leave to dry.

Shelf Life


Do not leave your wooden comb submerged in water for more than 3 minutes.

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