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Pamper | Makeup Removing Balm

Pamper | Makeup Removing Balm

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Make makeup removal an effortless task with the Namaskar 100% Pamper | Natural Removing Balm made from moisturised ingredients & essential oils making your skin soft and nourished even while you’re asleep for all skin types. Its a feel good melting therapy. Dont delay to PAMPER yourself, today!


- Enriched with Coconut oil, Argan Oil and Vitamin E
- Convenient to carry, easy to use & gentle on skin
-Removes dirt, heavy eye make up, water proof & heavy make up easily
-Essential oils blend makes the skin velvety and harmless
- For all skin types


Syphonated coconut oil, shea butter, cocca butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, squalene, Vitamin E, Argan oil and ISO propyl Myristate.

How To Use

Scoop a small amount onto a cotton ball/ pad. Gently massage all over the face, lips and eyes till the makeup melts. Rinse with water if required.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life

Once open, use within 6 months. Best before 24 months from the date of mfg.


Do a skin patch test for sensitive skin. Do not use the product on open wounds.

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Customer Reviews

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Decent Makeup Remover Balm

It has a smooth and buttery texture. It definitely removes the makeup with ease but leaves an oily texture. However, that helps as a double cleansing method so I'm happy with the product. I do feel they can probably work on this one point.