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Shankha has great importance in Ayurveda. Just like all your skincare products, the skincare tools you use play a crucial role in maintaining your skin’s health and giving it a glowing, supple look. These skincare tools or facial massage tools when used in the right way will give you nourished skin in minutes. The tools will give you results easier and quicker than using your fingers. They clean the pores, relax your muscles and also help in toning your skin and improving its texture. The Massage involves using long or short strokes and circular moments. Shankh Massage Increases Blood Flow. This product is 100% natural.


Treats Dullness and Dryness

Reduces Puffiness of The Skin and Under Eye Bags

Fights Acne and Acne Scar

Prevents The Signs of Aging

Can Sculpture The Face


The chemical compound of calcium carbonate composes of Calcium, Carbon, and oxygen (chemical formula - CaCO3). Calcium plays an important role in maintaining your skin’s health. It helps in replacing the old skin cells with the new ones. Not only this, but calcium also prevents dry skin & dead skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It works with the epidermis (skin’s outermost layer) to produce sebum. Sebum is a natural skin coating substance that is responsible for maintaining its natural moisture.

How To Use

Tie your hair up or wear a headband to make sure your hair won’t be falling on your face.
Cleanse your skin with a mild facial cleanser. Now, take a few drops of Fresh Lavender with Chamomile youthful serum and spread it evenly to form a thin layer on your face. The facial oil is an ancient blend of essential oils that promises to restore glowing, younger-looking skin.
Stroking upwards from the collar bone to the jaw bone.
Rub in circular movements on the chin cleft.
Stroking of the Jaw from the center of the chin towards the ears.
Stroking of the Cheeks towards the ears.
Gently stroke upwards to the Nose laying emphasis on the corners, up to the sides of the nose.
Circling of the Eye stroke under and above the eyes.
Stroking of the Forehead.
Rocking Movement - Placing the shankh between the nose and lips. Starting from the center of the upper lip towards the temples.
Shoulder Effleurage - Lightly stroke upwards from the center of the chest and towards the shoulder bone. Repeat several times.
After the massage, wipe off all the excessive oil from the face.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Shelf Life


Keep it away from children. Clean and wipe every time before use. Hold it in the right way to avoid any injury.

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