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CONCIOUS | Neem wood Tongue Scrapper

CONCIOUS | Neem wood Tongue Scrapper

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Neem-Wood Tongue Cleaner helps you in tongue scrapping. It acts as one of the main oral health measures. In addition, the wood of the Indian Neem tree has proven medicinal properties, It prevents fungal growth, also has antiseptic, antibacterial, and medicinal properties. Neem-wood tongue cleaner is handcrafted with the goodness of neem, a medicinal herb & provides oral care. Its dimension is180 mm. 100% HERBAL NEEM WOOD 100% VEGAN- 100% NATURAL- 100% BPA- NO SHARP EDGES- ECO FRIENDLY- REMOVES BAD BREATHE- REMOVES BACTERIA - FOR ALL AGE GROUPS Care Clean it with hand and dab dry


Fights Bad breath


How To Use

Gentle hand wash your neem wood tongue cleaner with warm water and soap & keep it dry


Store it in a clean, dry area.

Shelf Life


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