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MINDFUL | Bamboo Toothbrush

MINDFUL | Bamboo Toothbrush

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Eco friendly | 100% Vegan | BPA Free - 100% Biodegradable
● 100% Compostable
● No plastic use
● Recyclable packaging
● Handles coated with 100% Beeswax
● Rigorously Quality Tested
● Naturally Antibacterial. It decomposes in soil just in 90-120 days period.
Bristles: BPA free, natural/charcoal-infused
Its the smallest switch you can make in your LIFESTYLE towards ecological footprint


Whitens Teeth


A classic toothbrush made from neem wood extracted from the leftover timber with charcoal-infused bristles for white and strong teeth.

How To Use

Step 1: Start with the outer surfaces of your teeth and gently brush upper and then lower teeth.
Step 2: Tilt your brush at a 45° angle. Brush against the gumline. Gently move the brush back and forth using short, tooth-wide strokes.
Step 3: Brush the inner surface of your teeth. Use a 45° angle to brush back and forth to clean the inside surfaces of the teeth.
Step 4: Clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Don't forget to use short back and forth strokes to brush the tops of your back teeth.
Step 5: For fresher breath, brush your tongue to remove odor-causing bacteria.


It's best to keep your toothbrush in an open-air toothbrush holder or any other dry area.

Shelf Life

Bamboo toothbrushes last 3 to 4 months depending on how you take care of them.


Dry it after use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tamanna Sachdev
Environment Saving

The bristles are good and handle is also fine and comfortable. I am happy that it is a step in saving environment.

Anurag Vithlani
Very Soft Bristles

The bristles are very soft, and the toothbrushes help a lot in saving the environment. The cost isn't much, considering you get eight brushes.

Highly Recommend

I would definitely recommend anyone who is trying to adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle. I have been using these toothbrushes for a couple of months now and I am quite happy with the product as well as the paper boxes that it came in. Only one recommendation would be that the outer packaging that comes wrapped in plastic should be avoided for it to be a completely eco friendly product.

Value For Money

They are really good. The bristles clean well and they are soft on teeth too. Good for people who are looking for Eco-Friendly options. More than value for money.