How to choose right Lip balm for your lip

How to choose right Lip balm for your lip

Chapstick is actually are gonna dry your lips out, they more full of fragrances and other irritants that get your lips addicted and in this vicious cycle where it's always going to be dry."

If you can't live without your lip balm, make sure to go for one that's made of natural ingredients and is fragrance free.


Another reason your lips may be puckering is because you're not drinking enough water. It plays a role in keeping your skin plump, soft and goes for the cells around your mouth. Even if you feel like you're getting your eight glasses, the dry air around you can also make them feel worse.


If you’re like me, that means applying and reapplying lip balm every two minutes because just when you think you’re finally hydrated, the product seems to have slipped off. If that’s the case, it may be time to check the label of your product because one ingredient could be cosplaying as a hydrator but really doing nothing to help.

Petrolatum is basically another word for petroleum jelly, which is found in many popular lip balms and treatments, including Aquaphor, Vaseline and more. Contrary to popular belief, petroleum doesn’t actually hydrate the lips or skin where you’re applying it, but rather, it creates a moisture barrier shield that will trap hydration where you want it. The only problem is, when you’re putting this on your lips, it has the capacity to slip off much faster and leaving you exposed to the elements and back to where you started. This is especially true if you’re wearing it on your lips during the daytime. Here are a few non-petrolatum options that you can pick up now for lip hydration that actually works better over time.


This balm uses shea butter and 5 essential oils to hydrate lips naturally. 


For men, It’s common to focus so much on our skin that we forget to care for our lips. Unlike other parts of your body, there are no oil glands on your lips, so keeping them from getting chapped, dry and flaky is on you. The skin covering our lips is extremely thin and can dry up very quickly. The wax-like texture of a balm may help protect them from low temperatures, dry air, heating devices and wind.


A highly nourishing and protective lip balm can work wonders for you all year round, but even more in the cold season.

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